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Kaleidoscopic Lima in Washington DC

It has been more than a year since I launched my work and a year since we took the “Caleidoscopic Lima” collection to Washington DC. At the time, very few people understood why we took the collection to Washington, but now that the 2015 Annual Meetings of the Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been held in Lima, it makes more sense to tell you about it.

After showing my work at Flashmode, I was approached by people from promPeru (Zulia, I am very thankful for having seen this in me) in order to work a collection that could be shown in Washington. The reason, the Governors meeting would be held here in Lima in 2015 and we needed to welcome them with an glimpse of what they would see here this year. So, it was great fun to gather all the material I already had and to add some more such as the Peruvian government palace (which I was delighted to shoot inside out) and Pachacamac and other sites and to portray in my walking canvas.

Carola Solis Caleidoscopica Lima Washington bw 6

We arrived in Washington DC days before the show, and took the opportunity to explore the city and take some pieces for a walk. If there is one thing I enjoy is to wear and use my creations. It was a delight. In these days of globalization and mass production, you can see and feel the return to the appreciation of handmade products, pieces that spread humanity and self-expression, culture and identity. In a place where gray and dark suits are king, having a bit of color and graphics caught eyes, woke emotions.

Carola Solis designer Caleidoscopica Lima Washington 3

This was an interesting experience to have since I started designing. Not only did I share my work with people in grey suits who found the collection fun, happy and full of colour and energy (they danced around it!). But also, I was approached by people asking if I was some sort of “important” personality. I guess it is not everyday that you meet a person wearing a bold golden leaf necklace? Or a printed skirt? It is great to be a citizen of the world, but at the same time someone from a place with clear identity (1).

Carola Solis diseñadora Caleidoscopica Lima Washington

The day of the show, the Roosevelt house, a detail of the Peruvian Congress, the Plaza Mayor, the Government Palace, the Park of the Exhibition, the Muses at the Municipal Theatre of Lima, the Marinera dance, the ceremonial center of Pachacamac, the mysterious and charming balconies typical of Lima and the lights of the Costa Verde at night all danced on Peruvian women.

And I was to give a speech which said: “As an artist, I have always thought that clothing is a means of self-expression. In my country it translates onto vibrant colors and statement jewelry. What we are seeing today are the jewels of gold and silver leaf part of our mestizo heritage. These days, in a flourishing country like Peru, fashion, or rather, attire is rebuilding, changing, evolving, and we wanted to show some of it as an art form. ”

Carola Solis Caleidoscopica Lima Washington 8

“The outfits we have presented are an expression of identity (and we have many identities), a way to express our happiness, what we are and how we see the world through our resources. We have proudly showed you how we feel. And specifically through this collection, we wanted to put these things together: the visual beauty and identity of Lima, the colors of a country and our jewels. ”

And I concluded: “We are honored to be here and welcome to our country with open arms and heart. May this little glimpse of our capital and our country inspire you to visit and enjoy Lima and the rest of the country yourselves. . Visit the Andes, where the necklaces are made, the jungle where this collection was born, Cuzco, where our hearts live … and, of course, Lima, where most Peruvians live. We Peruvians, descendants of the Incas embrace you with love.”

Christine Lagarde Managing Director (MD) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Christine Lagarde Managing Director (MD) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Which brings me to today, October, 2015.

It is amazing how we can envision things and make them come true <3.

Have a great week! And Love to all!

Ps. As we know, we would be nothing without a team. Infinite thanks to my team, who has been working with me for almost two years now. (seamstresses, artisans, shoemakers, visionaries, stylists) for their work, dedication, support, love and understanding of my ideas. Thank you.

Carola Solis Caleidoscopica Lima Washington bw

(1)This reminded me of my time in england when my landlord used to call me the “Inca princess” and he would remind me that as a “relative” to Ima Sumac, I should honor her memory by behaving like that.

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