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What my eyes see

One of my photographer friends once asked me how I had developed my photography, my eyes…

My simple answer is: I do not really know… All I know  (I said to him) is that since I can recall, I just see the world in frames. I am framing what I see, almost ALL the time. And I frame almost everything… textures, shades, colours and mostly things / People / whatever that I find beautiful, which results also in me trying to surround myself of beautiful things.

I do not consider myself an expert (almost the opposite, really), nor a “professional artist” or nothing like that, I just find my practice of seeing things and portraying them, fascinating. And I love every second I spend portraying things that I find interesting or attractive, it feeds my soul, my heart, my eyes, my life. To me, every second I spend doing this exercise is worth a lifetime, and that is enough reward.

Below, some of my instagram photos. I love instagram because it allows you to play with different options quick and easy. You can see more of my photos here.

Dramatic Flowers - Carola Solis photography

Dramatic Flowers – Carola Solis photography

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