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What do women want?

(a personal view)

One of the most frequent questions I hear (between jokes and serious conversations) is: What do women want? And in between jokes and serious talks I see answers become extremely complex and/or ridiculous. From my point of view, what women want is not far from what men want, except that we women have a feminine touch, we paint in a language that we can understand and we try to add it to our daily life. In paragraphs below I will try to unveal the mistery of this question/answer, from my point of view and personal experience.

One of the most common characteristics to the women I have met along my life, has been their constant search for beauty, which would summarize as a search for a beautiful life (from the idealization of marriage to the idealization of having a profession and all the happy endings you can imagine) I want to talk about beauty in its deep, broad meaning: that property of the things that make you love them, instilling in us spiritual delight. Let me explain…

Beauty along history has had many patterns and meanings, but I would think that we all agree something beautiful is what makes you not to question its beauty, it is just so beautiful you stare at it and enjoy, it is pure bliss, a sentiment, an upper level of perception of things. And beauty resides in the senses as it resides in the heart, in the mind, and of course in the soul.

Nefelibata - Carola Solis photography

Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York, 2012

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Hues, intense hues

There is a word that slips from my mouth almost everytime I talk about colours (hues), it is: inteeenso*. It is a kind of joke, even if I mean a subtle baby pink hue, (baby pink is one of my favourite delicate hues, you can tell by Nefelibata advert to your right) I will still say inteeenso. I will also suggest a rojo intenso (intense rouge?) at the most unexpected place/ocassion/motive.

So, you know, I love playing with hues, you can tell when I play with my photographs’ hues and intensity…

Painting Nefelibata photography

Painting Nefelibata photography

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Self portrait – Sometimes I do not recognize myself

Sometimes I see that subject in the picture and I cannot recognise her. As if that person there, staring at me would live in another era, completely detached of me or of my perception, with a completely and different life of her own. has it happened to you?

PS. Click on the image for a larger view.

Detached – Carola Solis

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I love painting

I think I have said this before: I LOVE painting.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, you never know) I have not given it enough time, so whenever I can, I play with my photographs and turn them into my favourite paintings.I love the unnoticed shapes, the unsaid words, the mixture of shades, the unspecifity of shapes. What is told by not saying anything and at the same time expressing everything.

This particular photograph was taken in Huaraz, Peru. It is a lake by the Huascaran mountain range. I love its frugal shapes that talk about obscurity and mistery like inviting me to explore its depth, but not really…

It frees my mind, my soul.

PS. Click on the image

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Beautiful encounters

This photograph MOVES my heart.
It had been weeks since we had moved to our new nest and I could see some beautiful neighbours (bird neighbours) but could not get the exact moment to “capture” them (with my camera, I mean) until I discovered that they fly around at a certain moment in the morning. I am not an early bird, but for some reason, those days, I had a rare type of “morning insomnia”, just at the right moment when these beautiful neighbours of mine showed up at the tree by my window… there… for my solace … and… I can hear it singing as I write, and I am thankful :).

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When summer met me

You do not know when a new route of art will begin. I had been thinking about an editorial inspired by the 60’s, then Sophy showed up and it happened!


I will be back soon!


PS. Happy birthday daddy, wherever in the universe you are… tomorrow.