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Going back to my essence of peace, love and power.

Oh! how much art has given me! Or how much I have given art. Throughout this time this intertwining game has been fun, self exploratory, soul opening, and a lot more. I am deeply thankful that I have had the chance to execute and produce art. At some point in my life, when I was a child and later on when I was working in humanitarian labor, I thought that maybe this was not going to be possible… in this life. Helping people has been a big passion to me, just like sharing my creativity, and so _I have said this before_ I thought that maybe doing both might not be possible. But life (and myself) have proven me wrong. So I am deeply thankful for having had a chance to play art, fashion, create The Global Dress Movement and much more. How joyous it has been!

Carola Solis wearing the #IamPeaceIamLoveIamPowerIamaWoman dress, which she created in 2016 and which then became the foundation for The Global Dress Movement.

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