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What my eyes see

One of my photographer friends once asked me how I had developed my photography, my eyes…

My simple answer is: I do not really know… All I know  (I said to him) is that since I can recall, I just see the world in frames. I am framing what I see, almost ALL the time. And I frame almost everything… textures, shades, colours and mostly things / People / whatever that I find beautiful, which results also in me trying to surround myself of beautiful things.

I do not consider myself an expert (almost the opposite, really), nor a “professional artist” or nothing like that, I just find my practice of seeing things and portraying them, fascinating. And I love every second I spend portraying things that I find interesting or attractive, it feeds my soul, my heart, my eyes, my life. To me, every second I spend doing this exercise is worth a lifetime, and that is enough reward.

Below, some of my instagram photos. I love instagram because it allows you to play with different options quick and easy. You can see more of my photos here.

Dramatic Flowers - Carola Solis photography

Dramatic Flowers – Carola Solis photography

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Photography, Random Beauty

In the house of fantasy

At times I am really happy I get to keep dreaming of beautiful things as opposed to living them. There is something ethereally special about keeping that beauty in the mind, it is as if you live the world of dreams and there is what we call reality. Wise people say they are after all, your life… both worlds are as valid.

PS. The picture is a detail of a real house, it is as real as you can get.